Who we are and Why we wear masks?
We are a group of enthusiasts

We are an international team interested in the development of our xyzmoney project. We live in different cities of different countries, which does not prevent us to engage in our project, the purpose of which is not to make the world happy (we hope he will be happy), and banal – the embodiment of our own ideas.

Although there is nothing to hide, we certainly want to surprise the world

We created our own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which, in General, was not really waiting for us to create it - it "rose" and "boomed". And if it does this to us, then we do not strain it either - we started to formalize the relevant documents (Concept, Charter, Maifest, etc.), as well as to develop its technological base and technical binding quite recently and slowly.

What we do and why

Our DAO organizes and conducts tournaments for blockchain teams, which allow teams to demonstrate their commitment, perseverance and will to win, and most importantly - the ability to manage their emotions and the emotions of other people in order to solve practical problems.

We sincerely believe that the world and civilization are ruled by human feelings, no matter what they say. In their actions, people still rely more on them than on reason. It is they who create reality - entirely with the help of feelings and desires, and not cold reason or intelligence. It is secondary. He's an instrument. Calculator. Sometimes - with the database (knowledge).


And our worldview regarding ICO and blockchain startups is:
ICO, as crowdfunding, is not a perfect way to attract funds for the idea
It is one-sided. For now
All blockchain startups are initially equal: they all have a Scam at the same time and they are all true
And only the future will show which of them and what will become
Since the future is not predetermined - everything is in the hands of the team. But accidents are not accidental:
if having generated an idea and outlined the path, the team moves along it, despite the obstacles, then the team has a chance to create the future of its startup that it needs. Otherwise, the future of the startup will become a stranger to them
All team members create this future to the best of their mind, knowledge, experience and abilities, but above all –
to the best of their emotional intelligence (EI, emotional Intelligence), combined into a team. EI is something that multiplies tenfold the capabilities of your team on the chosen path. EI is expressed in the form of perseverance of the team in achieving goals and in her luck, as a result of continued act of will: all the great achievements were created by strong-willed effort, attracted good fortune, not intelligence and knowledge – they are simply used as needed.
EI is something without which the "mind" does not arise and does not exist
We believe that only by fully revealing your emotional intelligence, a person becomes really lucky. The same is true for teams.
That is, in our understanding, tournaments are a way of disclosure of team emotional intelligence which "will attract" and good luck in any other questions of work and creativity of team
Tournaments in which we offer participation to teams are held in such disciplines that do not require team members
to have deep mathematical training, engineering or scientific qualification, expert knowledge in various scientific fields or in programming
There is no need for participating teams to prepare presentations about themselves – before the tournament we audit their projects,
and the results are published on the website.
Finally, since our esteemed blockchain is about trust, first of all, and all the ICO problems are connected with this issue,
we consider it necessary to improve the currently available method of carrying out this form of funding
How? It's very simple - the teams themselves should publicly risk their finances, demonstrating their "valiant prowess".
Not intelligence, which is just a tool, not programming skills...
Simple solutions are the most correct: invest in a bet, risk, take the jackpot, or at least get recognition ... You can always hire a programmer, but no one has canceled the command fighting skills.
In other words:

if you are so steep that you are going to sail across the ocean to bring gold for the queen, do not ask her to give you a ship Otherwise it may happen that the continent that you discover will not be named after you. Just build a raft yourself, swim on it in front of the queen, prove that you are not afraid to drown, and you get a squadron. Moreover, no one else will ask you if you have a captain's license or MVP analysis. Such nonsense will no longer interest anyone - the queens hand out ships not to your documents, but to you.


In the final
In the final
In our tournaments, teams compete in disciplines, the rules of which are easy to learn right before the tournament to any average representative of the species homo sapiens.
What we want to achieve with our idea of ​​True Reputation, what are our goals
We want ICO to survive.
Today, this financing of small projects and medium-sized businesses is being destroyed by those who see a rival in crowdfunding and therefore use the legislative apparatus and other heavy artillery to strangle the competitor.
Of course, fraudulent projects in startups with the blockchain are quite enough ... But aren't they in the IPO ...
Therefore, we hope that the proposed form of additions to the ICO (public risk with our own means to prove that we are right) will help teams demonstrate what their project is worth.
Well, of course, we follow this idea in order to earn a true reputation ourselves. That, for which donate navy squadrons


So why we wear masks