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What a tournament, its purpose, place and time

The international tournament on kicker for the blockchain commands. The game is for the Prize, which consists of the entrance fees (BUY-IN) of the participants, but most importantly - for the true Reputation marker, which will receive the project of the team that became a participant (and\or Winner) of the tournament.

The goal of the tournament: the marking of the projects of the participating teams, decided to publicly prove his antiscam-intentions predlagaemom their community project. The true Reputation marker will allow investors to immediately exclude these Scam intentions from the project and form a more constructive attitude to it. Moreover, the investor who takes part as a guest in the tournament can get acquainted not with the presentation of the team or its WP, but with the strong-willed qualities and the desire to win the team members themselves. In addition to investors and teams, the tournament is attended by the press, experts, advisors and fans, which provides significant information to the tournament and can be used by tournament participants in promoting themselves and their project.

The kicker tournament will be held 14 may 2019 in Moscow, Russia, from 17-00 Moscow time, at: Reception BUY-IN strictly until 00:00:00 14 may 2019

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Why blockchain teams tournament?

Because, in our opinion, blockchain is a unique technology necessary primarily for small and medium-sized businesses in the real sector, with the prospect of globalization of such business: Google or Aliexpress also started as a small business, which was lucky to find serious funding on trust.

ICO is not a HYIP for a long time and it is also a unique technology, but already funding the ideas of small and medium-sized businesses, and this technology is currently experiencing a decline, which is associated with both the teams themselves and their projects, and with the negative opinion formed around the ICO.

In our opinion, it is the blockchain teams that should be the first to change the method of addressing investors: not to come with WP, MVP and with an outstretched hand, but to "challenge the investor" to a duel as a second, while having both WP and MVP.

For more information, see the True Reputation Manifesto

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Why the game (kicker, not kicker - it does not matter) was chosen as such a way to confirm the sincerity of the teams of their intentions
Because we are all not only homo sapiens, but also homo ludens, because everything around is nothing but a game.

Serious or not - depends on everyone's attitude. But the fact is - we games not live at all. Perhaps the true Reputation token will become a symbol of the new consensus "proof of joke" or "proof of play"... We haven't figured it out yet. Hopefully, the community will tell us.

Because boring hackathons are for highbrow nerds, and they play fools? Come on!

Because of the conference and presentation for all CEO's and their ilk, but they have other talents don't have? Come on!

In General, there was an idea to organize competitions in the form of medieval tortures for the participants, but we could not find motives for which the team members would be interested in making their BUY-IN for the fact that they will, for example, publicly pull out their nails, and they will have to endure and smile...

Such, specific to go through fire and water. But, can someone from Winners and will offer such options, and community agrees. What people do not come up with...


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What if we can not come, but want to participate in the game?

If the presence of the team under any circumstances is impossible, the Rules of the tournament allowed the employment of the player (the other tournament Rules, section Hiring a players), who will represent the team at the tournament.

However, whether the hired player, if necessary, will be able to present the team's project to investors, advisors, experts and the press, who will be present at the tournament, is entirely within the competence of the team.

The tournament therefore is arranged internally, for demonstration teams to their PERSONALITIES. Remember the story: would Columbus have received at least one ship or at least one Escudo, if he had sent his representative to Isabella instead of himself?

In the end, even from Vladivostok the plane flies to Moscow only 9 hours... )))

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What should the team do with your True Reputation marker?

What you do with feats after they occurred? Proud of them. And for them respect. It's a symbol of Your reputation. Yes, even one that helps You get funding for Your ideas: you win the tournament or not, it does not matter. It is important that You on this tournament - were.

Were you in space? Oh, Yes... Even without a spacesuit.

As for us, the Organizers of the tournament, in our plans - to give the marker True Reputation worthy development: tournaments will continue, the number of participants will grow, technical and marketing capabilities of this "gold-Laden donkey" - marker - will expand, and with the growth of its importance and recognition will increase the degree of community interest in the project to mention that "project X team Y, is the owner of the marker TRO or TRO2, or TRH..."
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Why the tournament is held offline?

Because the goal of the tournament is for the participating teams to have the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their emotional and strong-willed qualities and commitment during the competition controlled by third-party referees.

Because the True Reputation token intended to confirm the intentions of the team that needs to publicly risk their BUY-IN, so to say, in addition to money, more and "person" to guarantee your antiscam of intent.

Because it is offline, unlike online-competitions, where players are confused with bots, will allow the community to appreciate the merits of the team that took part in the tournament

Because the True Reputation marker and its weight are assigned by the community according to the results of the offline tournament, so to speak - without recording, while impressions are fresh...

Because just to come to such a tournament for many teams is already a confirmation of the truth of their intentions and honesty. No advertising and no marketing will do that. And investors will pay attention to this Because the size of the entry fee (BUY-IN) is still less than the cost of marketing and advertising, even with the road and facilities, and benefit BUY-IN will do more than attend conferences and other events

Because investors and experts would be nice to meet not only with the CEO or marketing team Because so true Reputation" may well grow to "Game Offer Coins" GOC, with its own rules who knows...

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Why the tournament is held in Moscow, why is the kicker, for some disciplines there are tournaments, where and when?

The organizers decided to hold the kicker tournament in Moscow because of our nationality - we, the organizers, are mostly all Russian, at least for the state of mind, although we live in different places of the planet. Kicker - because it is an interesting and emotional game, which requires not only the ability to twist the handle or build a strategy and tactics, but also the most important - it is a game in the team, in tension until the victory.

The game has no restrictions on intellectual training: anyone who feels the desire to fight for the honor of the team can play. And for the Prize, of course.

A marker of Thrue Reputation for the project has every chance to become decisive for the evaluation of the project: its advantages can not be overestimated. So, after agreeing on "proof of like", we all came to a consensus: kicker, in Moscow.

No one has suggested anything else yet, but this will change quickly - the next tournaments will be held there, then in such disciplines as will be offered by the winners and determined by the consensus of the community (see additional motivation block in the tournament Rules).

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What about a Russian visa for team members?

As in most cases, foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation must obtain a visa to travel to another country/

With most countries in the world, Russia does not have a visa-free regime, so arriving in Russia citizens often have to apply for a visa at the invitation or purchase a tourist visa

Visa issues should be taken care of in advance - the terms of obtaining a visa at the embassies or consulates of the Russian Federation of various States are from 3 to 30 (in most cases - up to 7) working days. For more information, the procedure for obtaining a visa to Russia is set out here:, list of embassies and consulates of Russia -, one of the companies in Russia, which are engaged in processing visas to Russia for foreign citizens -

Meetings at the airports, accommodation in hotels, excursions Organizer of the tournament is not engaged.

We remind you that in accordance with the Rules of the tournament, between the Deadline and the start time of the tournament is different is at least 12 hours, so that, in case of emergency, the team could cancel the trip if the tournament is canceled by the Organizer

Therefore, we recommend the teams to plan the timing of visa and date of arrival taking into account these circumstances.



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The bar you invite teams to, I hope, for the teams that will play - for free? Drinks, snacks, etc.?

Well, how can You do that? We can't afford to make fun of people like that: what if You can't drink and eat as much as we offer you? What if You get sick? We'll have to treat You. And in Russia used to treat "Similia similibus curantur"...

So, solely for these reasons, taking care of our guests, we decided not to risk their health and sanity...

Seriously, the BUY-IN provide a Prize, and must cover the costs of organizing not only the current, but also the next tournament, which we will hold in just a month and a half to provide the marker True Reputation life, and its owners - a long rating.


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