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Manual for Tournament Agents

Who is the Agent of the tournament

The agent of the tournament is a natural or legal person who attracts participants (blockchain-Canada) to the tournaments held by the Organizer for a fee
  1. Anyone who knows how to handle Ethereum wallets and smart contracts of this network, as well as who has studied the Rules of the tournament, can become an Agent of the tournament, for which he needs to declare this to the Organizer of the tournament on the details given at the end of this Guide. The application is carried out in the form of a text message in free form. When forming an application, the Agent must also specify his address in the main Ethereum network for subsequent settlements of the Organizer with him: the transfer of remuneration to the Agent is carried out by the Organizer ONLY after the completion of the tournament (ONLY after the announcement of the Winner by the Organizer)
  2. The agent of the tournament has no obligations to the Organizers of the tournament to attract teams to the tournament, but at the same time the main condition  for receiving a reward is not so much to attract the project team to the tournament, as to keep it from withdrawing BUY-IN until the end of the tournament: if the tournament was canceled or completed without a Winner (see tournament Rules), the reward is not paid to the Agent.

  3. The list of Agents, together with the participants involved, as well as all changes in the tournament are published Page Players and Tournament Notifications. Updating the list of Agents - at least every 12 hours

Unique input code for the Agent (unique enterance code - UEC)

  1.  Before each tournament starts, the Organizer generates tables of unique 16-digit input codes that will identify the Agents and the teams they invite

  2. The UEC input code is intended to find out which of the participants participated in the tournament, as well as for additional identification of the participant who committed the BUY-IN transaction. The party that calls the relevant function of a smart contract in a tournament with its address on the Ethereuum network enters the UEC input received from the tournament organizer or agent each time a smart contract occurs. In this case, the participant can enter the same code, as well as different codes (for example, if the participant has changed the Agent by the time of re-entry into the tournament). Subsequently, in accordance with the last of the input codes entered by this participant when performing BUY-IN, the Organizer of the tournament determines which Agent was involved and to whom the commission should be paid.

  3. The organizer gives each Agent a table with several UEC, which the Agent distributes to all involved participants, explaining the Rules of the tournament and how to use UEC. If necessary, the Agent assists the team in making a BUY-IN transaction (see tournament Rules)

  4. Having issued one of the UEC from the list proposed by the Organizer, the Agent must notify the Organizer of the tournament about this and not give out the selected UEC to anyone. Remuneration to the Agent is paid only for one of the UEC: if the same UEC entered two or more different participants, making their BUY-IN, the remuneration to the Agent is made only once. One UEC = one reward

  5. Once transferred by an Agent to someone UEC re-transfer to another team is not subject to (although the team, the first to receive this code, has the right to enter it repeatedly at subsequent entries in the tournament)

Attention! To avoid duplication, a UEC provided by an Agent to one team must be excluded by the Agent from subsequent access. This requirement is entirely within the competence and responsibility of the Agent: the smart contract of the tournament will prohibit the Deposit of funds, if the UEC entered a transaction of depositing funds earlier.

Attention! If the team of the blockchain project first made, and then withdrew BUY-IN (in accordance with the Rules of the tournament), the obligation of the Organizer to the Agent to pay him a reward is canceled: the Agent could not convince the team to participate in the tournament and keep the BUY-IN

Agent's remuneration and payment procedure

  1.  The amount of the agent's reward is set by the Organizer before each tournament.

  2. For raising funds of the participant for the smart contract of the tournament, which will be held 14 may 2019 in Moscow, the Organizer pays the Agent 3 ETH to his address in the Ethereum network, specified during the registration of the Agent 

  3. Payment is made by the Organizer no later than 24 hours after the official announcement of the Winner of the tournament

Attention! .

If the tournament has been cancelled or completed without a Winner (see tournament Rules), the agent will not be rewarded.

If a player attracted by an Agent withdraws a BUY-IN before the start of the tournament, the agent's reward is not paid.

In case of claims of the Agent, the Organizer shall publish correspondence and log files of the smart contract as a confirmation of fulfillment of its Obligations to the Agent at the request of the Agent

Tournament organizer - DAO XYZMONEY, its representatives before and after the tournament: @Orrcc , Telegram-chat, WhatsUp +79161702816,