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Tournaments True Reputation - 2

Tournaments True Reputation - 2


Therefore, the project which is a player of the tournament, immediately receives a True Reputation marker and  the “weight” of it (TRO, TRH and TRZ)  can be changed depending on how the team behaved in the competition, whether it managed to win, whether it was possible to convince  investors, etc.


That is, in addition to the chance to win the Prize, the team becomes the owner of the  reputation marker True Reputation, which will indisputably testify: the lack of a scam in the project is confirmed by a dueling challenge (by making a buy-in) and fighting qualities of the team during the competition.

Tournaments True Reputation (some obvious secrets and non-obvious meanings)

And if all the participants agree to make such a competition, paying out of pocket, their “rating” in the eyes of the audience and the investor grows.  And the attitude to their insane projects of delivery or production of gold is changing: “this changes everything, if the fighters are ready to fill each other with muzzles to prove that they are right!”


And then let the new continent be called not by  the name of a fighter, but the memory of a fighter will live forever.  Well during about 500 years for sure.

This can be a true reputation, and with a different "weight": they put the monuments to one, without naming the  continent by his name, and the second is known only by the foolish name of the both continents ...


In principle it is generally very strange: why two of them?  One is like a spare part, if something will happen to the second?  Okay. It was called in this way what’s now ...


With the ICO projects which the team proposes to promote through tournaments, the same “Isabella method” is used: a competition that the fighters pay for.