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Questionnaire to the organizer

Please fill out as accurately as possible

maximum: 5
If your team becomes the winner of the tournament, it will be able to suggest the date, place and discipline of the next tournament. In the event of your winning, this offer will be made to the tournament community based on the data we are asking to make here. If your proposal is approved by the consensus of community votes, the next tournament organizers will try to hold in this place, at this time and in the discipline. You will need active cooperation with the organizers and no money. Moreover: your team will receive 3% of the prize fund of the tournament, which will be held according to your recommendation - in the agreed place, time and discipline. Please keep all this in mind when answering the following questionnaire questions.
Would you agree to hold a tournament on the shores of the deepest lake containing the cleanest water on the planet - on Lake Baikal, at the end of June 2019?