General Information and Terms
Tournament (competition)
is International tournament for blockchain teams, held in the kicker discipline (table football, bar football), in Moscow, Russia, at address
Start time of the tournament
is  June 4, 2019, 17:00 Moscow time
End time of registration (deadline)
is June 4, 2019, 00:00:00 Moscow time. This is the time when the admission fee (BUY-IN) from the participants ends. The tournament will start at least 12 hours after the Deadline in order to warn the participants about the cancellation of the tournament if the tournament is cancelled.
Deadline transfer
If necessary, the tournament Organizer can once move the deadline either forward by no more than 72 hours or back, so that from the current time to the new Deadline there is a reserve of at least 24 hours. This transfer is possible if the tournament is not yet completed.
entry fee for participation in the tournament. The payment is made by the team (or its sponsor) from a unique e-mail address in the main Ethereum network, by calling the corresponding function of the smart contract. Adding BUY-IN means that the Participant entered the tournament and became a Player
The buy-IN size for this tournament is 111 ETH
Before the deadline, the team can withdraw its BUY-IN by calling the corresponding smart contract function. After the Deadline, if the tournament is not canceled, the BUY-IN to withdraw it is impossible, he is involved in the formation of the amount of the Prize.
If a tournament is cancelled, teams have to withdraw your BUY-IN also calling the function of the smart contract (the functions of smart contract)
Contract balance
the amount of all BUY-IN players, the amount is accumulated at the address of the smart contract in the main Ethereum network
the amount of payment to the only Winner. The size of the Winner's Prize equal to a predefined share of the balance of the contract, namely 70% for this tournament; the Prize Econoline is determined after registration of participants
The only Winner gets the whole Prize, the remaining part of the balance of the contract is intended as a cash fee to cover the costs of this tournament and the preparation of subsequent ones.
UEC, unique entry code
is an input code that is provided to the participant by the Organizer and/or the Agent of the tournament. designed to determine how the Agent of the tournament, the participant was invited to participate in the tournament, and for additional identification of the party who committed BUY-IN by calling the corresponding function of the smart contract (the functions of smart contract)
The participant enters the UEC received from the tournament Organizer or from the Agent each time the smart contract is accessed. In this case, the participant can enter the same UEC and different codes (for example, if at the time of re-entry into the tournament the participant changed the Agent).
Subsequently, according to the last of the input codes entered by this participant, the tournament Organizer determines which Agent was involved.
Even before the start of the BUY-IN, the tournament Organizer generates a set of code tables containing these UEC and distributes them to the tournament Agents that attract participants.
In addition, when the tournament Organizer attracts participants on its own, it, like Agents, uses one of these tables with UEC.
By attracting a participant to the tournament, the Agent (and/or Organizer) sends him one of the UEC contained in the code table available to this Agent. Once the code is transferred to the participant, it cannot be retransmitted to another participant (although the participant who received this code has the right to enter it repeatedly at subsequent entries to the tournament).
Tournament participant
the team that sent the participant's Questionnaire to the organizer. A participant of the tournament and/or its representatives, who are not included in the number of players of the tournament, have no right to play at the table during the tournament.
Tournament payer
is a tournament participant who has made a BUY-IN by calling the corresponding smart contract feature. The player of the tournament has the right to play at the table during the tournament. The player of the tournament can withdraw his BUY-IN before the Deadline, also calling the corresponding smart contract function. At the same time its status “Player of the tournament” changes to the status “Participant of the tournament”.
The player can withdraw his BUY-IN after the Deadline if the tournament is completed without announcing the Winner for any reason, also by calling the corresponding smart contract feature.
The number of inputs/outputs of any of the players BEFORE the Deadline is not limited.
The tournament player, who became the Winner, independently withdraws the Prize after the Winner is announced by the tournament Organizer, calling the corresponding smart-contract function (the functions of smart contract)
Rules of The Game
a set of standard and mandatory requirements that will allow players to determine among them the Winner of the competition in the discipline of kicker (table\bar football). The rules of the game correspond to the global standards of the kicker competitions, are established by the Organizer of the game (the Federation of table football of the Russian Federation), are announced for all players and participants in Russian and English, before the game and are controlled by qualified referees during the game.
The minimum number of players
is 15. If the number of players after the Deadline is less than this number, the tournament is automatically canceled.
Agent tournament

mediation involving participants for the tournament for a fee, receive from the Organizer (see Manual for Agents of the tournament)

Cancellation of the tournament
is cancellation of the tournament is made automatically by the smart contract, if after the Deadline the minimum number of players is less than 15. The tournament can also be canceled by the Organizer if there is an objective reason. In case of cancellation of the tournament for any reason, players can withdraw their BUY-IN by calling the corresponding function of the smart contract (the functions of smart contract)
Tournament completion
a tournament is considered to be completed in two cases: if the Winner is determined or if the Winner cannot be determined. The Organizer announces the end of the tournament (see the Order of completion of the tournament, announcement and payment of the Prize to the Winner)
The owner ofthe premises
the owner of the site (bar, loft, etc.), where the competition is held, providing this area for rent to the Organizers of the tournament.
Entry into the tournament participant (player) and exit from it

Only those teams that have made a BUY-IN

take part in the tournament. After making a BUY-IN, the team must inform the tournament Organizer about their participation in the tournament by filling out the form (link to the participant's Profile), otherwise it may be difficult to allow players to the tournament or withdraw funds if the team wins

Entering by the participant BUY-IN means that the participant wants to become a player of the tournament, agrees with these Rules of the tournament and is ready to participate in the tournament personally or send his representative (s) to participate in it, as he notifies the tournament Organizer in advance in the participant's Questionnaire

Buy-IN is made by the participant from any convenient address of the main Ethereum network. Subsequently, only the address from which the BUY-IN was entered can be used for a refund (if necessary), as well as to receive a Prize in case of winning the participant

Teams wishing to participate in the tournament, call the enter function of the smart contract of the tournament, while in the Value field indicate the size of the BUY-IN, and in the entry code -- UEC received from the tournament Organizer or from the Agent (the functions of smart contract)

Entry to the tournament can only be made before the Deadline. Entry to the tournament can also be made by participants who previously left the tournament (who withdrew their BUY-IN), but wished to re-enter it.

Exit from the tournament can be made by the player before the Deadline or in case of completion of the tournament without announcing the Winner for any reason. Exit out of the tournament by the player calling the corresponding function of the smart contract of the tournament and only from the address of the player in Ehereum network, from which was made the transaction a BUY-IN (the functions of smart contract)

When the function is called withdrawal of BUY-IN, the smart contract executes the command and transfers the amount of the entrance fee to the specified address. In this case, the participant is excluded from the number of players, but remains in the list of participants.

The smart contract algorithm contains a counter that allows you to uniquely and automatically determine how many times a given participant entered the tournament, as well as whether this participant is currently in the tournament or left it, taking his contribution. The presence of such a smart contract functionality allows to prevent the participants ' attempts to re-collect their contributions.

The order of completion of the tournament, announcements and payment of the prize to the winner
The tournament can be completed

either by announcing the Winner at the end of the game or without announcing the Winner. The first implies that the Winner is determined, the second - if the Winner for some reason can not be determined.

You can end the tournament by announcing the Winner not earlier than 19 hours after the Deadline. In contrast, the tournament can be completed without a Winner before the Deadline.

Payment of the Prize becomes possible only after the official and public announcement of the Winner by the Organizer of the tournament.

If the Winner is announced, the tournament ends and the Winner withdraws his Prize by calling the corresponding function (takePrize) of the smart contract (see here for the functions of the smart contract).

After the winner is announced,

the organizer reserves the right to withdraw 30% of the balance of the contract remaining at its disposal after deduction of the amount of the Prize of the full balance of the contract.

If the Winner cannot be determined, the tournament ends and the players withdraw their BUY-IN by calling the corresponding smart contract function.

When determining the Winner, the tournament Organizer officially and publicly announces it, calling the size of the Prize, the winner's team by the name of its project, pronounces aloud (into the microphone) the winner's UEC team, choosing it from the list on the tournament website (Players page and Tournament Notifications, page Players and Tournament Notifications), calls the announceWinner function of the contract, setting it as an argument the winner's address (the address from which the player declared the Winner made his BUY-IN).

ATTENTION! Withdrawal of BUY-IN is possible only to the address in the Ethereum network from which the PURCHASE-IN was made
ATTENTION! Withdrawal of the Prize by the Winner (otherwise - payment of the Prize) is possible only to the address of the Winner in the Ethereum network from which he, as a participant, made a BUY-IN.
ATTENTION! All changes to the tournament Organizer immediately reports to Pages Players and Notifications (
Other tournament rules
  • Marking
  • Additional motivation
  • Requirements for players
  • Hiring players
  • For guests and fans
  • Planned tournament scenario
  • Tournament Security

All blockchain projects that protect teams-players at the tournament, receive a TR marker (True Reputation) immediately after the expiration of the Buy-IN time and the announcement of the beginning of the tournament by the Organizer.

All blockchain projects that protect teams-players at the tournament, receive a TR marker with a weight of “O”, TRO (True Reputation One) immediately after the announcement of the end of the tournament by the Organizer.

The blockchain project of the team that became the Winner of the tournament receives a TR marker with a weight of H: TRH (True Reputation Higher). If the Winner became the owner of the marker with the same weight twice, at different tournaments of the Organizer, his marker becomes TRH2

For those teams whose projects the community considers it necessary to highlight, the Organizers provide a survey and a discussion platform on their website (see “Where, when and what we will go to next play” and “To whom, what marker and weight”).


At the end of the current tournament and determining the Winner, its Organizers, on the basis of the questionnaire completed before the tournament by the Winner (link), initiate for the community consideration and coordination of options for places and approximate dates of the tournament, as well as the discipline in which the tournament will be held (see “Where and when we go to play and what?”).
The winner of the current tournament, after agreeing on the place and discipline, as well as determining the approximate date and time of the tournament, is entitled to claim 3% of the contract balance minus the amount of the Prize of the next tournament.
At the same time, the Winner of the tournament is obliged to attract participants of the next tournament together with the Organizers.
Determining and reaching consensus on the preliminary agreement of the next place and date of the tournament
In accordance with the Planned tournament scenario, the tournament Organizer offers the community to consider the date, place and discipline of the next tournament, which is specified in the participant's Questionnaire, which was filled out by the winner before the tournament. Community (guests and participants of the tournament), on the survey page on the Internet Express their consent or disagreement.
Voting is held within a day from the date of announcement and the results of voting are immediately published by the Organizer.
Failure to reach consensus is considered if the community has agreed to less than 80% with at least one of the points proposed by the Winner:
with the date,
or discipline
In case of failure to reach a consensus, the Winner of the tournament has the right to receive a reward from the balance of the smart contract minus the amount of the Prize, and the next place, the date and the discipline of the tournament is determined by the Organizer
If necessary, prior approval of details, the Organizer conducts prior approval on the Internet, through community surveys
Who will represent the interests of the team at the table - fully in the competence and responsibility of the team that made the BUY-IN
- notify the tournament organizers about the player (s) in advance (no later than 2 hours before the start of the tournament, in the participant's Profile)
- otherwise: the notification is provided in the format of "Name", "Telegram account" or "whatsapp phone number", "team or project name" that these players will represent.
- notification about the players going @Orrcc or Telegram-chat
Replacement player for 1 hour and 59 minutes before the tournament and DURING the tournament is NOT ALLOWED. Team violators will be disqualified, the entry fee will NOT be REFUNDED
If for any reason the members of the buy-IN team are unable to attend the tournament or place their player at the table, it is not prohibited to hire a player who will represent the interests of the team in the place and during the tournament.
Hiring a player (s) is carried out by the team on their own, at their own expense, with a mandatory and advance (two hours, at least) notification of the organizers of the tournament about the players (Name, telegram account or phone number in WhatsApp, the name of the team or project that these players will represent).
Notification of players going @Orrcc or Telegram-chat
The match organizer (Federation kicker (table football)) may, but is not obliged to, assist in finding and hiring players for teams when they apply. To simplify the procedure, the team refers to the Organizer of the tournament, if necessary, hiring players and the Organizer, with the help of the Federation, provides a list of ready - to-hire players and assists the team in contacting them. At the same time, all contractual relationships between the team and the hired players are beyond the influence of the tournament Organizer and the Federation.
Hiring a player AFTER the start of the tournament,, DURING the tournament, and a replacement player DURING the tournament are NOT ALLOWED. Team violators will be disqualified, BUY-IN is NOT REFUNDABLE


Visiting the event for guests and fans is free and is limited only by the capacity of the room in which the tournament will be held. The organizers plan to have at least 250 people at the tournament in Moscow. If the number of visitors is significantly higher than planned, the Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules of the tournament - to change the place and time of the tournament (if it does not contradict the algorithm of the smart contract of the tournament), to charge an additional fee for the passage or to restrict access, etc. measures.

Participation in the tournament at the table for guests and / or fans is NOT ALLOWED. Violators are subject to relocation outside the area of the event. Violation of the rules of order adopted when such events are relieved or eliminated by the expulsion of the offender from the tournament, by the security forces of the premises, until the involvement of the police, with all the ensuing consequences.

Video and photography by non-professional equipment during the tournament is ALLOWED. One requirement: not to interfere with the participants and guests.

Planned tournament scenario is here

The tournament will be held in a specially designed room for such events. The owners of the premises are fully responsible for compliance with fire and sanitary safety standards,

Moscow is the largest industrial, financial and cultural center of the planet, the capital of the state, the work of the police, rescue and medical services in which complies with the laws of the country and the status of the megapolis.

The city is home to more than 20 million people of different ethnicity, nationality, skin color, eye shape, religion, political and ideological views, sexual orientation, age, gender, material wealth, etc., which does not prevent them all to coexist with each other and with the state, which has a long history and deep traditions.

Game organizer

The match is held by the Federation kicker (table football), one of the leaders of the organizing companies in the Russian tournaments of this kind. Referees, equipment for the match, regulations, explanation and demonstration of the rules of the game, the rules of the game and determining the Winner of the competition - in the competence of the Federation.


Tournament organizer

The organizer of the tournament DAO XYZMONEY, its representatives before and after the tournament: @Orrcc, Telegram-chat, WhatsUp +79161702816,



The organizer of the tournament XYZMONEY is not a tax or payment agent of any of the States and the relationship of the participants with the law of the host countries of the teams and the project is beyond its competence.
The relations between the participants and the law of the countries of the tournament are in the competence of the teams and their members arriving on the territory of the state where the tournament is held. The organizer is not responsible for administrative and/or criminal consequences that may arise for team members, guests and/or players in violation of the laws of the host country
Participation in the tournament does not guarantee any of the players win and win the Prize, the decision to participate each team takes its own. Adding BUY-IN tournament participant means that he agrees with all the above and takes all the risks.


Tournament venue Bar
Address: Moscow, Russia, 105082, Spartakovsky Pereulok, 2, block 1,
Coordinates: 55.778487, 37.672379
THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME May 14, 2019 at 17:00 Moscow time