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Tournaments True Reputation, part 3. Reasons, arguments, step by step order

…As already hinted fatherlessness is a sin of the father, and therefore, recognizing this, we began to realize that our restless, good eating mischievous Doctrine, growing in leaps, so last Friday, when all normal persons fix the stoves, we took him on a garden wheelbarrow to the nearest river (it was the Moscow river, the main water artery of the city of Moscow, the length within city limits 80 km, the width of the river within the city from 120 to 200 m, the area of the basin is 17 600 km2, length — about 500 km.), where, having thrown him off the bridge, so he was thus christened, naming it Pantagruel while it was flying 65 feet, that is very fast…
Back overjoyed Pantagruel hobbled on foot (because he have ceased to be placed in the wheelbarrow and grew up body couldn´t be wrapped by the diapers), crying loudly and robbing ice cream and burgers from the passers-by, that caused raptures of the calories free citizens and the delicate tenderness of the father’s heart…
Gargantua, happy father, husband of Repetition, mother of Pantagruel, year 2019

So, what should encourage our players — blockchain teams — to drop everything and run to the True Reputation tournament, and what do they get as a result of this run (or sprint, for example)?

Exactly its are the same things which drive progress: hunger, laziness and curiosity. Transforming these three great driving forces into a conscious agenda within the tournament, let’s highlight the main constantly relevant reasons for teams (and especially for their officers and CEOs), which do not allow teams to relax and sleep quietly to have extra time to create their project:

  • the necessity to spend a lot of time at the conferences, telling about yourself most often not to those viewers who came to listen to you; to hold meetups, bounty, airdrop; arrange other troublesome and not paying dividends events; to hold a lot of presentations, explaining why the project is needed in principle, to those who often do not need it; proving their antiscam intentions… and all these actions in the most tedious way, and with a target conversion within tenths of a percent;
  • the need to send their programmers to hackathons (as if participating in a hackathon proves the quality of the team’s project…), with the risk of losing these programmers, if someone “outbid” them;
  • the need to carry a constant struggle with fears about the failure of the soft-cap or the fact that the community that has been attracted to the project, it’s just some speculators who will come out of the project soon after they first will disperse it up, and then drop its value, leaving the authors to build their reputation once more… etc. 

What kind of risks the teams which want to participate in the “ True Reputation” tournaments will will meet, what difficulties, problems and troubles they will be provided with:

  • participation in the tournament will cost them 111 ETH, which will be transferred in the form of Buy-In to the address of the tournament smart contract.
  • winning (the sum of all Buy-In of all players) is not guaranteed to anyone, the strongest and the luckiest will win.
  • the competition is held offline, in order to avoid fighting AI-bots, so you have to go to Moscow (Russia) or to hire players (who although will fight but not for the team, just for its money. And also to communicate with investors. However, with the current development of telecommunications it is not a problem).
  • the risks of a quick solution about the participation in the tournament that should be solved quickly (the tournament is already on June 4, still a visa is needed which can be issued within a period from 3 days), which can lead to both prospects and problems (however, these are all individual questions that depend on how to look at the situation)

What the True Reputation Tournaments offer in contrast to traditional schemes to run ICO project (i.e., what the players will get from the tournament):

  • the team will receive a “ True Reputation” Marker that will serve it for the lifetime of its project. This Marker will be an eloquent witness of the team’s REPUTATION: the team and its project have no fraudulent intentions,
  • the team gets a chance to win a Prize,
  • the team gets the opportunity to choose an investor from those who are among the invited (and run after him. And this seems to be a tangible argument for the player),
  • the team gets the opportunity to use the tournament as unusual newsbreak,
  • the team gets a chance to hold the next tournament, where it will be a host…
  • the team gets a chance to call its opponent (critic, hater, etc.) for the tournament (duel) and to carry out a contest in the frame of tournament (or separately). The tournament Organizer takes care of all the issues of compliance with the “duel code”. In the case when the contra-partner will refuse to participate in the tournament and will not make Buy-In its arguments against the above team will be at least compromised because no one has the right to endorse not confirmed public contestation. Moreover to present it as the true judgment. Only an honest duel gives the true judgment in the form of True Reputation.

What you need to know in order to participate in the tournament:

Tournament “True Reputation” procedure.

  1. Where: In Moscow, because we have to start somewhere. The Organizers suppose Moscow as the beginning of their world. So be it. 

RoadMap tournaments will be published on the website soon. 

When: On June 4, 2019 because this date is no worse than any others.

2. Kicker is a multinational “sport”, a game, a competition that has become very popular in many countries. More than 100 countries are already registered in the world table football Federation. More than regular football. Let’s keep up with the trends. In addition, “True Reputation” is the beginning of a new cyber state.

3. Emotions are the main thing in our life. Emotional intelligence is primary (see the arguments of the article Tournaments True Reputation (link, do not forget to insert after the translation): if there would be no emotions — in the world there would be no two Americas in the world, because to have got two America is better than one).

4. Any member of the team can take part in the competition. The main goal is: the team has to demonstrate not so much definite professional qualities of its developers, marketers and management, as the quality of the fighters. That is — the ability to fight for victory under any circumstances (about the ideology of the project and the motivation of the teams). 

5. True Reputation tournaments are held personally, in the presence of invited investors, the press, observers, advisors, etc. They will get strong confirmation that real people are fighting for the team and not bots.

  • If a team cannot send a player to participate in a tournament (for example, they have not received a visa to Russia), they can hire a player on their own or through a partner of the tournament organizer through the Russian Federation of table football. (see “Other Tournament Rules” section, the “Player Hiring” tab, and also see the FAQ)

6. A team which is going to participate in a tournament has to contribute BUY-IN through the tournament’s smart contract. BUY-IN size is 111 ETH. The contribution is accompanied by the introduction of a unique entry code UEC. By this UEC the agent also is to identify who brought the team to the tournament. Besides the UEC is an additional identification of the team when the Prize is paid to the winner and / or BUY-IN returns, in case of tournament cancellation (see Tournament Rules and Smart Contract Functions are listed below).

7. The winner’s prize is equal to 70% of the total amount of all BUY-INs contributed by all players.

8. If the number of teams that made BUY-IN to a tournament’s smart contract is less than 15, the tournament is canceled by the organizer and the teams return their BUY-IN by calling the corresponding function to return BUY-IN from the smart contract.

9. The minimum number of players is 15, it is necessary to create an attractive prize for the Winner and + the tournament organizer need to get compensation for all the organizing costs and conducting the tournament.

  • Current information about the preparation of the tournament and the fact of its holding is published regularly and promptly (Notification page and to the Telegram-chat). If the tournament is canceled, participants will be notified 17 hours before the tournament starts (notification no later than 00:30:00 Moscow time on June 4, 2019).
  • In any case, if the required number of players is not registered BEFORE the deadline, the smart contract algorithm itself will cancel the tournament automatically. In this case, players will have to withdraw their BUY-IN. Terms of withdrawals are not limited.

10. If the team has paid BEFORE the deadline and then withdrawn its BUY-IN, the agent will not be paid. It just will have nothing to do. The same (refusal to pay the agent his remuneration) occurs if the tournament begins, but cannot be completed. In this case, the team withdraws its BUY-IN and the agent also has nothing to pay.

  • Therefore, all calculations and payments with the agent are made after the end of the tournament, when the winner is determined and the size of the Prize is fixed by a smart contract.

11. No one except the Winner will be able to withdraw the Prize from the smart contract. No one except the player who made BUY-IN, will be able to withdraw it (in the case of Сancellation of the tournament) from the smart contract. Just because any movement of funds from the smart contract is possible only to the address of the player who has made BUY-IN.

12. Transfer of funds from a smart contract is possible only to the address of the wallet from which the smart contract was credited. In this case, as well as when depositing funds for a smart contract or when withdrawing it, the UEC provided to the team has to be indicated along with the wallet address.

13. The UEC is a 16-digit number generated by the tournament organizer. All UEC are unique. The UEC of the team is provided either by the tournament organizer or by the agent. The UEC of the Agent is also provided by the tournament organizer.

14. If, after depositing funds for a smart contract, the team has lost its UEC, the refund (in case of return) or the receipt of the Prize (if the team is the Winner) becomes impossible. This is a feature of the blockchain.

15. A team which is going to participate in the tournament, in addition to making a BUY-IN, may (but not obliged) to fill out a questionnaire (Player’s Application Form).

16. The questionnaire allows the organizer to study the project of the team and compile its analysis (review, report), if such a document is needed by the team itself. In addition, if the team becomes the Winner in the tournament, it will receive the right to:

  • Offer the place, time and discipline of the next tournament
  • Get award for helping to organize this tournament 
(For more details, see “Other Tournament Rules” Block, “Additional Motivation” tab).

17. The Organizer provides the analysis of the team project after making BUY-IN by the team on the smart contract.

18. Before the start of the tournament, the Organizer registers all the players who arrived at the specified address and at the specified time. Registering players for a tournament means including them in the Scoreboard, which is provided by the Organizer of the Games — “The Federation of the table football of Russia”.

19. The Host of the game is a professional tournament commentator speaking English and Russian. Referees are the judges of international level.

20. A player who missed calls from the Host in this standings is considered the loser in a match in which he is absent as a player. Victory is awarded to his opponent of the game table.

21. The Winner of the tournament is the only player who is publicly determined by the results of the entire tournament, according to the standings.

22. After determining the Winner, the Organizer of the tournament officially and publicly announces all the registration data: team name, project title and UEC.

23. These registration data of the Winner are also publicly entered by the tournament Organizer into a smart contract, using the appropriate function.

24. After that, the winner can withdraw his Prize, also by calling the appropriate function of the smart contract

25. All players of the tournament (everyone who contributed and has not withdrawn the BUY-IN before the end of the tournament) become owners of the “True Reputation” marker.

26. The marker for the first tournament is an informational occasion, reputation, which becomes known to players, participants, influencers and the mass media.

27. At the end of the first tournament, the Organizer conducts an electronic survey on the assignment of weight to a marker for a particular team. In fact it´s the collection of opinions.

28. Based on the opinion, the Organizer issues a Token for each team on the blockchain platform selected for this, and starts keeping a register of them. This is the commitment of the tournament organizer.

29. Based on the questionnaire of the Player who became the Winner, the Organizer conducts an electronic survey on the date, place, timetable and discipline of the next tournament. Then this next tournament is to be organized and conducted based on the responses of the survey. Additional Motivation for the Winner is preserved at any of the decisions taken. These items are also the obligations of the tournament Organizer.

30. The next tournaments are supposed to take place in the middle of August 2019, in Italy, the third in Spain or Northern Europe, the fourth and fifth in America or Asia. The Organizer is ready and opened to discuss all the offers from its partners and persons who are interested in.

Is it understandable, colleagues? Or there is any necessity to continue to grow Pantagruel? Vote on this matter here: (link to the channel in TG)


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